Various options for lab results deliveryRight now, health care evolution is going through a push pull situation where everything is all about you. People are debating a pretty simple question of whether you can handle to be the first person to know about your test results. This touches on whether you are sufficiently smart to read and understand the results given and if you are capable emotionally to handle the situation. Sometimes, you might need to have someone standing next to you as the over the counter test results show that you have or don’t have the diseases. Are you able to handle your emotions once you open those results and see that the results of the blood test you took last week showing your cholesterol level to have hit 250?

In home HIV test

Recently, an advisory panel of the US Food and Drug Administration recommended the approval of first in home test for HIV. OraQuick, the name given to the test involves only the se of a larger Q- tip version for swabbing the outer gums. After twenty minutes, you will be able to see how your immune system is contributing to the fight against HIV. People are now looking up to FDA to make the decision. Those opposed to the idea are not comfortable with people getting the results at their home as they think that they will freak out. According to them, it is important that one has a professional by his or her side to have the results interpreted, offer some counseling and help in ensuring that one feels supported.

With nearly all the healthcare tests we get, there is always a tendency of a wall going up instantly between the data and us. For instance, if you have pap smear or mammogram, the first person to get the results will be the doctor. If you go for an ultrasound, chances are high that you will be the last person to know if the results are normal or not. This is not because the basics are only understandable by physicians. Most of these results will have clearly written results ‘abnormal’ or ‘normal’ and you can then proceed into reading all other details. Tests conducted at home such as this new HIV test and pregnancy test give results by turning to a given color.

A look at blood tests

Blood tests usually have two columns with one showing your actual results and the other column for ‘normal limits’. Where the data is not within the bounds, it will be highlighted automatically. You can use Google to find the meaning of blood tests that you might not beware of. After this, you can book an appointment with your doctor to know about the next steps you need to take. Some labs usually send the results to the physician and the patient at the same time. Some diagnostic centers and labs which don’t send you the results argue that it is the job of the doctor to first review the results and explain them to you.