Proper education and information

Just early this year came in the news about family doctors and the AAFP who played a vital role in the medical stories of 2015. This is because of the combined effort to beat the abuse problem about Opioids.  In April of 2015, the News about the initiative of the government to hit the prescription drug Opioid along with its relation to heroin overdose cases that leads to dependence and mortality in the U.S.A. that statement indicated that the administration has included a request amounting to $133M in the new funds that will be released this 2016 for the budget proposal to deal with this important matter.

In July, the institution has joined the AMA task force to lessen the abuse cases related to Opioid. There was a team composed of twenty seven doctors arranging and wanting to know the best things to do to fight the abuse involving Opiod and then be able to implement the practices in doctor’s offices all over the nation. The team has just revealed the resources in October to persuade the family doctors and various health workers to take into considerations, any other medicines for prescription like naloxone to patients, families and colleagues who are at risk of overdose.

In the later part of July, the Substance Abuse & Medical Health Services Admin has said in an interview that they will be giving more than eleven yearly grants of $1M each for 3 consecutive years. This will be a part of the expansion that they have been focusing.  The Obama government has invested more than $20M in more than 16 states to give them the funds and the knowledge to help in preventing deaths linked to Opioids. They have pledged to boost the family doctor education in prescribing Opioid in the next 2 years. The number of family doctors who completes the training regarding the methods to give proper assistance for medical cases.

Vaccinations and immunizations available

In the state of California, they became the hot spot for the pro and the cons over the vaccines among young kids in school, except of course if the doctor says that the child no longer needs it. There was a lawsuit filed against the AAFP in October 2015 when it embraced a new policy that reinstate the immunization support of the Academy on kids, toddlers and teens as recommended by the CDC’s. The policy clearly says that the stance of the Academy doesn’t sustain the immunization indemnity policies that allow the vaccine to be refused by anyone for certain reasons more than the documented allergy or medical interferences.

Preventive services and recommendations

There were clinical recommendations in America that was released in 2015 and it highlights some of the health problems from the growing waistlines of the Americans to the prevention of cancer cases. In October on the other hand, the USPSTF has revealed the final recommendation about adult screening for high blood cases.  After checking on the proof, the USPSTF has discovered that screening the patients ages 18 years old and above for hypertension has a positive outcome about the health of the person involved.