The family doctors took the best care there is to provide the best service to their patients. The AAFP has just celebrated their successes in 2015 and that promised to make it simpler for them to do so. The truth is that the Academy has helped in making the federal alterations safe and that they also helped in the improvement of the payment system of the doctors lessens the administrative problems and they have helped in expanding the access to care as well.

Bid goodbye to the Sustainable Growth Rate

The massive success came last April, this is the time when the Medicare SGR formula has been cancelled after twelve years of working at the Academy, the 17th congressional doc fixes along with the $170B in federal spending. More than that span of time, the sustainable growth rate has endangered to amend the payments of the Medicare by more than 21%, thus it has left a lot of doctors incapable of planning for their needs for the future.

The President of the AAFP tremble Pres. Obama’s hand during the signing ceremony at the White House Rose Garden; this is the place where he showed his grateful heart to the Congress for being able to reach the two party agreements. However, the legislators weren’t the only ones who got credited for striving to make a reform that highlights in focusing for the value more than the size. The family doctors of the U.S have thanked him for the leadership and they will take a leap to be able to work with you he added to the President.

The doctors and the systems in use

The doctors can also pick from the MIPS or what they call the APMs. This is the substitute recompense prototypes which are included in the accountable care organizations. More so, to give way to the new payment methods, MACRA has indicated 2 years of lengthy funding for the health insurance program for the kids. The Academy has now launched a big effort to give light to the CMS about the family doctors and the need for the new payment methods and to be of help to the members who needs to decipher about which payment model to use.

Before the sustainable growth rate was revoked, the HHS once said that there is a plan to take a leap from the fee for service model. In a discussion made in January, the HHS Secretary has set a hostile timetable for the time slot. The agency planned  to convert the 30% of the free of service payments to payment models like the medical homes this year, while around 50% of which will be in 2018