BLS CPR importance

BLS CPR stands for the Basic Life Support and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. CPR is primarily for lifesaving and its techniques are meant to save lives and this is not just for medical professionals. A person that may suffer from a cardiac arrest or any other form of serious accidents, the first thing that must be checked is the way they breathe and if they will respond to some external stimulus. This just means that there is still hope for the person to survive and to recover from the trauma that he/she may experience. All of the paramedics, nurses, nursing aids, medical professionals and others must be well trained in life support and in the methods used to conduct CPR.

Domination of medical professionals in learning BLS CPR

While the BLS CPR may seem to be the domination of the medical professionals, the truth still remain that even those who are not into this kind of medical profession can easily take the course. The BLS CPR is the basic aid given to someone who have just lost its consciousness and then just stopped breathing. The basic life support is a kind of first aid being measure to keep the ABCs that stand for the airway, breathing and even circulating with the use of equipment. This is done as you wait for the paramedics to come and before the medical professional provides their help. This is not just an advantage for you, but it will also be an advantage for the whole family too. This can make you prepared for the life threatening situation that requires them the basic life support.

The BLS CPR is important for those who are unconscious, there is no presence of breathing or their pulse rate is not normal, it may be very fast or very slow or none at all.  The primary objective of the BLS CPR is to establish and keep the open airway keeping the breathing and to also correct the respiratory acidosis. The open airway will be achieved by eliminating the impediments in the victim’s breathing. If there is no object that is likely to block the airway, this may involve a heart condition, so that the chest compressions will be needed.

This can be done by putting on a pressure on the victim’s chest to keep the normal transport of oxygen to keep the brain and the essential organs working. If a person is deprived of the oxygen, it is important when 6 minutes or more has passed ever since and the brain damage has occurred is truly irreversible.  The chances of survival are quite low. Moreover, BLS CPR is very important and will not require you to be a medical professional before you can enroll in it.