The reason behind schizophrenia

There was a report conducted by the scientists and they had taken a leap forward in terms of comprehending the real cause of schizophrenia. By using a landmark approach, it provides them with a preliminary tests sighting any usual psychiatric disorder. More than 2M Americans nowadays were diagnosed with schizophrenia. This was characterized by delusions and hallucinations. The drugs were made available for the treatment of the said condition and it dulled some of the signs, but they don’t deal with reason that affects the condition of the patient.

The results were published in a journal and will not go further to a new treatment very soon according to the experts. However, the results give the researchers with their very 1st biotic grip about the old disorder with the cause that has confused science for years. The finding also helps in explaining that some of the mysteries behind it start during the teenage years or early adulthood of the patient. They did a good job, according to a professor of genetics at a University in Columbia. This professor has been dealing with some of the most crucial psychiatric disorders. This paper provides people with foothold, something that they can work on and that is what they have been looking at the moment for a long time.

The brain and the process linked with schizophrenia

The researchers have put altogether all the steps by which the genes can boost the risk of a person of having schizophrenia. They have discovered that it is linked to the ordinary course recognized as synaptic pruning. This is in the brain and the process goes by shedding the weak links between the neurons as it becomes matured. While the person is still in the teenage years or early adulthood stage of life, this activity will happen in the part of the brain where the thinking as well as planning skills is at the center and that is called the prefrontal cortex.  There are people who have the genes and if they have it t will soon intensify and that will make them of higher risk in developing schizophrenia than those who don’t according to the study.

There are some scientists who warned the people about the history of the biological psychiatry and its stands over the premature optimism. This is quite persuasive, however, any form of step forward is not just rare and uncommon, but it is also a step in a journey of a thousand miles in terms of improving the treatments available at the moment