The link between the PCOS and autism

The researchers have discovered that there is an association between the maternal polycystic over syndrome and the danger of autism to the babies.  The lead researcher of the Public Health and Sciences in Sweden has published her findings along with her team in a journal. According to their findings, autism is a developmental disability that is branded by society, behavioral linked issues and communication at the same time. At present, there are around 1:68 kids in the U.S rising from 1:50 kids in the year 2000.  Though the precise reason for autism is yet unclear, the previous studies have initiated that the exposure of the kids to a particular sex hormone called androgens in their early life might influence the progress of the said condition.

Even if together male and female produce androgens like testosterone as well as androstenedione, the hormones are usually denoted to as the male hormones, since they show a primary role in manly characters then boys typically create them at a higher level.  The hormones also share to the brain development. The production of androgen is boosting amongst females with PCOS, which is a disorder that disturbs the functions of the ovaries. With all of the said information, the researchers set out an investigation to know if a woman diagnosed with PCOS while pregnant might be influential to the development of autism among the babies.

The rate of autism is higher for moms with PCOS

To be able to sustain the discoveries, the group of the researchers from Sweden has collected all the necessary information on kids ranging from 4 to 17 years of age; they were born in Sweden amongst the years 1984 to 2007. The detectives have identified that more than 24,000 kids with autism and then they compare them with the 200,000 kids without the said condition.  They were able to discover some truth about the matter. Autism is 5xs more typical among boys than in girls.

The danger of autism was higher for kids with moms who had PCOS then were once obese at one point in their lives, like those who have high levels of androgen, as the study implies. Even if autism is more prominent in boys than in boys, the team of researchers says that they have discovered no sex changes in the risk of autism among kids born to moms with PCOS.  The investigators cannot determine the reasons for the findings; however, they theorized that the link between the maternal PCOS as well as the rising autism risk might be because of the rising levels of androgen. It might also be probable that autism as well as PCOS has mutual inherited issues, this is agreeing to the researchers and the link between the results might be because of other metabolic issues that arise among women with PCOS.