What you should know about blood test resultsThe typical blood tests comprises of the CBC or complete blood count where the numbers of white and red blood cells in the blood are measured and other numbers such as hemoglobin. A blood test can help to uncover anemia, blood cancer and other infections. Basic metabolic panel is another very common blood test that is undertaken to check your kidney, liver and heart glucose by looking at the levels of electrolyte, glucose and calcium in the blood. Unfortunately, the doctor will not always tell you everything about the blood test result such as:

The good news is often skipped by the doctors

The doctor is expected to discuss with you everything about the results of your blood test. If your blood chemistry, cholesterol levels or CBC are within the normal ranges, your doctor may fail to give you a report of the results or only send you a plain copy without any explanations. However, it is important that you discuss with the doctor about the results even if everything seems normal.


Normal results differ from men to women

If you happen to compare the results of your blood test with your partner’s you will certainly note some differences.

<h2>Depending on your present age, results may imply different things</h2>

Normal hemoglobin levels undertaken during the CBC test usually vary by age and it is lower for children while it is higher for the adults. Your doctor will thus need to tell you exactly what the results mean depending on how old you are.

Positive results are not always positive news

When tests for diseases such as hepatitis C, HIV or sickle cell anemia are positive, this means that you have the disorder or the disease in your blood.

Negative test results are usually good news

As far as blood tests are concerned, negative doesn’t mean bad as it implies that what was being checked wasn’t detected.

False positive blood test results tend to happen very often

False positives are very common for certain blood tests such as rapid HIV tests.

False negative test results are also common as well

There are times when a test is not able to pick up evidence for condition or disease even though you might be having it already.

Test values vary from one lab to the other

Reports of the lab technician are a comparison of the blood test results to a normal range of the lab. For this reason, one blood test can vary from one lab to the other.

Abnormal test results do not necessarily mean you have a disease

There are many reasons why the outcomes of a blood test can be abnormal and you shouldn’t just think that you have a disease.


Even though it is rare for blood test samples of patients to happen, the truth is that they do happen. This could happen accidentally and this means that you will be getting the wrong test results.