Diet recommendations for patients of pancreatic cancer Pancreatic cancer patients suffer greatly from reduced appetite. In most cases, the symptoms of the cancer are responsible for this while treatments could also be the cause at other times. In a recent study, weight loss was measured in 1000 people who had various types of cancers such as in their lungs, digestive organs and even neck and head area. Patients of pancreatic cancer were observed to have lost the most weight compared to others. On average, these patients lost at least 15% of their weight. For persons with such a serious disease, that is really a lot. Such an extensive weight loss might lead to the patients failing to function properly not to mention it is associated with shorter survival.

Why the weight loss?

People suffering from pancreatic cancer tend to lose weight due to fatigue and pain, which makes them lose their interest in food. However, the problem is also contributed by other reasons such as:

Bile duct blockage: The liver makes a certain fluid which flows through the bile duct right into the small intestine. Since the tube passes the pancreas, present of a tumor in your pancreas could block it which in turn backs up the bile. This results in feeling like vomiting, nausea and reduced appetite.

Medications: chemo for pancreatic cancer treatment may result in vomiting and nausea and the medication given to relief pain might cause constipation.

Lack of enzymes: the pancreas is responsible for making enzymes that assist in food digestion. A surgical operation that removes a part of the pancreas means that you can’t make enough enzymes any more. This results in poor fat absorption from the food taken and missing on these calories can lead to diarrhea.

Diabetes: since the pancreas makes insulin also that controls that blood sugar, pancreatic cancer can easily cause diabetes, which affects your eating considerably.

How to create a good pancreatic cancer diet

Keeping yourself interested in food is tough for people with pancreatic cancer. However, you can avoid losing weight by:

Eating small meals often: it is advisable that one takes small but frequent meals, which are rich in calories. Eating huge meal portions could turn your appetite off and you will need to avoid this.

Get digestive aid: when the pancreas is unable to make enough digestive enzymes, enzyme can be prescribed in capsule form to assist in digestion.

Control your blood sugar: if pancreatic cancer makes you diabetic, make sure that you follow the advice given by your doctor in regard to taking your diabetes drugs like insulin.

Use your appetite: even though you are advised to avoid high sugar foods in case you are diabetic, it is good that you take full advantage of your appetite, even if it you have an ice cream appetite to provide your body with the needed calories.