A cardiovascular ailment is still on top of the list of the cause of death in women. There are heart attack cases with around 24%, while the cases of strokes are 7% of all deaths. The minority of women are still higher with this data. The defy remains that doctors usually haven’t identified women who are at a higher risk of having stroke. Some internists and cardio don’t routinely think of preventing stroke in women and there are neurologists who have been busy in the treatment of stroke victims and have not time yet for prevention.  Because of this, women must be aware of their health. There are risk factors involved in women that they were ignoring for the longest time.

Risk factors involved in women

Pregnancy complications like preeclampsia, hormonal contraception and hormonal therapy for menopause women. You need to ask your doctor about the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. You also need to ask your doctor the way to prevent a stroke or a heart attacking form happening to you.

Treatment for pregnant women with high blood pressure

Women who are suffering from hypertension during pregnancy must be taken into consideration and they should be documented as major risk for having cardio ailments. They have 4x the risk for progressing hypertension and 2x at risk of having stroke later on. They need to make a follow up to their doctor often to check if their condition is getting better or if it is getting worse.

Lessening the risk of hypertension should be on top of the list of priorities to prevent stroke in women and in men as well. As the blood pressure rises with age, women develop the risk especially after menopause. Patients shouldn’t just depend on their doctors, they also need to do something about this to prevent having stroke later on in life.

Simple and effective habits to prevent stroke

First of all, you need to stop smoking if you are a heavy smoker, engage in a regular activity like exercise even just for thirty minutes daily. Those who are alcoholic should refrain from drinking anymore, eat fruits and vegetables and lessen the habit of eating processed foods, limit eating salty foods and make sure you only consume 2000 sodium daily. Keep your ideal body weight and prevent from going beyond your weight limit to prevent high cholesterol levels from rising up. Those who are 65 years old and up may take baby aspirin of around 81mg. to lessen the risk of having cardiovascular ailments.


Patients with diabetes must go through an aggressive preventive care with a cardiologist who will be able to manage and balance the medications needed to prevent the cholesterol from going up and the blood pressure to stay in its normal range. A diabetic patient must be thought of like someone who has had a heart attack or stroke to prevent a bad result from taking place.  Women with atrial fibrillation background must take coagulant like male with this case as well. Women must love their lives, since their roles are essential in the society and in every home, so make sure to take precautionary measures as early as now to prevent heart ailments or stroke from interfering.