How women can avoid suffering from heart diseaseHeart disease in women is preventable to if one chooses to live in a certain way. The disease is believed to kill five to eight times more women than breast cancer. A lot of women tend to think that they are immune to heart disease hence the negligence. They entirely focus on breast cancer and thus fail to notice heart diseases until it’s too late to do anything.

The development of heart disease in women

A lot of people think that the symptoms of heart disease in men are similar to that of women. They are dead wrong as the symptoms are as different as day and night. The only symptom that is similar is the chest pains. Symptoms in women include

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Discomfort and pain in the stomach, back, neck, shoulder and jaws

Symptoms in men include

  • Sweating
  • Pain in the jaw and neck

After several studies, doctors have admitted that heart diseases in both men and women can be prevented. This should come as music to every one’s ears as its one less life-threatening disease to worry about.

Knowing about the various risk factors

Controlling cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that forms in almost every part of the body. This isn’t preferably good considering that it can form and block your heart arteries and valves when in excess. Having knowledge of your total cholesterol will be very beneficial to you. You need to have at least 200 mg/dL.

Keeping your blood pressure in check

The ideal blood pressure for a normal human being is 120/80. You need to get a device to measure it as anything above the stated figure can result in one suffering from a heart disease.



The risk of a heart attack increases the more one smokes a cigarettes. You should also avoid hanging around people who smoke as second-hand smoke is equally harmful.

Monitoring body weight

Avoid eating a lot as it can lead to obesity. This is when you become overweight due to excess fat. It’s dangerous and also increases the chances of a woman suffering from heart ailments.

Keeping your diabetes in check

There are various ways of monitoring the level of insulin in one’s body. This is a vital measure to take if one wants to prevent heart diseases.

Other major risk factors that can contribute to women developing heart complications include

  • Laziness also defined as poor lifestyle habits
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Consumption of excess alcohol
  • Stress and depression

Things you need to do

There is a need to seek medical attention from your doctor should you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms. You also have to ask your doctor questions about your health. Acquiring knowledge on the topic will also work in favor and help identify any change or problem that might be associated with heart diseases.