Is there are a relationship between severe headaches and serious brain injuries? Most definitely there is as has been indicated by many studies. The particular study that we are discussing here showed that US veterans who have had traumatic brain injuries are likely to get severe headaches more than those who haven’t suffered such injuries.

Here is what this study entailed

The study included about two hundred vets who served in wars some years before the study was ever initiated. 50% of them had traumatic brain injury while the rest did not.

Traumatic head injury is caused by a bump to the head that disturbs brain function. Researchers also said that it changes one’s life completely; they might wind up battling depression; they might be dealing with severe headaches; they could be going through post-traumatic stress; they may have sleep disorders or they have challenges thinking or trying to control their muscles. Overall, their lives will never be the same.

A number of vets had the worst headaches that were so bad that the veteran could not do anything and was bedridden. With such headaches, the pain is so much that the vet can do only very important tasks.

Severe headaches were seen to be very common among vets who had had traumatic brain injury. Three out of the four men with traumatic head injury experienced severe headaches while one out of four who did not have any traumatic brain injury experienced severe headaches. Eleven years later the difference between veterans who had had traumatic brain injury and those that had had none was the same as far as severe headaches were concerned.

Families sometimes hire help to assist the veteran deal with the pain

At an annual meeting for the headache society in America, a presentation on this study was done. Dr. Peter Goadsby thought the results made a very strong impression. He went on to comment how these headaches the vets’ and their families a lot to handle and deal with. The families are even to hire helps for the veterans; the helps are supposed to have some knowledge in medicine.

Goadsby, a neurology professor at King’s College, said that it wasn’t known for sure how traumatic brain injury is associated with severe headaches but their constant occurrence suggest that there is a relation between traumatic head injury and severe headaches.  The traumatic brain injury remains active or causes irreversible changes in the brains hence making the headaches to persist. This study and others show that this problem of severe headaches following traumatic head injury will continue to exist among the vets.

It has been noted that more than three hundred and thirty thousand US veterans have suffered traumatic brain injury, which means that so many veterans suffering from severe headaches. Some of the severe headaches might be so bad that the veterans are bedridden.