Well, a report that was sought by the US government does not depict any single factor on the same, however, the complaints are still on the rise and much more details are needed to support the theory. It is affirmed that the US is the leading spender on healthcare than any other country in the world.

About the research and expected findings

An article published on Reuters highlighted that overeating and lack of insurance access as well as increased poverty were some of the reported allegations that Americans seem to be deteriorating in health while most dying younger. This comparison was associated with those other people from wealthy countries. This report was requested by the government to help identify the loopholes on the same.

While even up to this time the US is noted as the leading spender in healthcare especially per individual basis, the report identified that it still lags other countries on almost the same level behind. There have been increased reports in the US of people dying from heart diseases due to obesity. More to the study, it was revealed that there are also cases of the worst infant mortality rates when compared with other rich nations.

Japan, Canada, Australia Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany were among those countries from 16 nations compared in/ the research in the 404 page report, which was published by the national research council and institute of medicine. The purpose of the report was to compare those mentioned country and the US in terms of living standards, livelihood and healthcare. The death coming to Americans is unwarranted according to Steven Woolf who is a medical professor at Virginia common wealth university and was among the panelist that produced the report.

Key areas pointed out that America failed to Address

According to the report, it was realized that America didn’t do very well in at least nine areas which included the infant mortality rate, injuries and homicide, pregnancy on teens as well as sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. In all, they also failed tremendously on drug abuse regulations, cases of obesity and diabetes that are claiming people’s lives at very young ages as well as heart and lung diseases respectively. Another factored principle was associated with disabilities.

Although the report was mainly supposed to tackle on issues leading to deteriorated medical care, its vast coverage on   cases such as calories consumption leading to lower physical activities perfected the objectives. Quite sufficiently, some support groups pointed out that the problems are likely to be linked to the gap between the wealthy and low income earners in the country, which is the ideal reason towards increased levels of poverty. Ultimately, all is not lost in the US as their continued research to fight diseases without cure such as cancer reportedly put it at the top once more. On average in life expectancy, they are living longer these days than in the past.