In-patient medical care of email

Patients who experience expensive medical care are more likely to pick email or other online tools to be able to get help more than dropping by to the clinic for a checkup.  In a research made, they have surveyed patients at a health care system with the access to a patient portal to be able to send the email messages to their doctors, 46% of those has chronic health conditions and they were in contact with their health care provider through email only and it was said that the email is their very first contact method with their doctors. 85% of those with high cost sharing for a personal visit had reported selecting the email as their first method compared to the 63% of the patients with lower cost sharing according to the research.

1:3 patients who sent an email to the doctors has reported that it helped in lessening their hone contacts or personal clinic visits while a similar number of people around 32% of the patients who sent an email said that it has helped in the improvement of their health. The study, on the other hand, says that more patients have gained enough access to the patient portal tools linked to the electronic health record, the patient-provider emails have taken the way the health care is given and they have the possibility to improve the health, quality of life and the efficiency in the finances of the patients.

The study conducted about the advantages of online tools in healthcare

The study was made by a research center at Massachusetts General Hospital along with the University of Tennessee, while the study involved the patients from Northern California and it has taken the system that is based in Oakland in California. The health system members who were able to register to use the password secured patient portal site can exchange emails straight to their doctors or from a team of doctors. Using the portal, there is no charges that will be collected, the patients can easily check on the results of the lab tests, ask for prescription for medicines, check some of the health records and even choose a scheduled visit with the doctor for non-emergency cases.

The study of the populace was considered among adult patients who were in a health plan and clinical chronic ailment registry or coronary artery disease, asthma and others in 2010.  The research listed that with the ever growing cost of health care services, the benefits of the health plans may include high levels of patient cost sharing like high deductibles have been rising in popularity with the makers of the policies. More so, the cost sharing linked with the personal visit to the doctor, the patients usually face more hindrances and expenses to look for an in-patient care like hardship in finding the time off from work or fixing the transportation or who to look after the kids, etc. Sending emails can help in lessening these barriers and it is also much convenient and comfortable for the patients.