Know the different types of treatment for bladder cancer Some of these treatments are standard while others are currently being tested by researchers in clinical trials. Clinical trials aim at improving the existing treatments and obtaining more info about cancer treatment.

Standard treatments used

Surgery: different types of surgery could be done including:

  • Transurethral resection with fulguration: in this surgery, a cystoscope is inserted by the surgeon in the bladder via the urethra. Then, a tool having a small loop at its end is used for burning the tumor using high energy electricity to remove it.
  • Radical cystectomy: This surgical operation removes the bladder together with nearby organs and lymph nodes containing the cancer. This type of surgery is appropriate when the cancer has invaded the muscle wall as well as when a large part of bladder is involved. Nearby organs may be removed in men such as seminal vesicles and the prostate. In women, the ovaries, part of vagina and uterus are removed.
  • Partial systectomy: a part of bladder is removed and the operation is recommended for patients having low grade tumor which has invaded the bladder wall but only one part of the bladder is affected.
  • Urinary diversion: this surgery aims at making a new way in which the body stores and passes urine.

Chemo may be given after surgery for ensuring that any left cancer cells are killed. Adjuvant therapy is treatment availed after surgery for minimizing the risk of a re-infection.

Radiation therapy

This treatment makes use of high energy x-rays and other radiations for killing the cancer cells or keeping them from growing. Radiation therapy is available in two types. External radiation therapy makes use of a machine that is outside the body for sending the radiation towards the cancer. Then there is internal radiation therapy, which makes use of a radioactive substance that is sealed in seeds, needles, catheters or wires that are directly placed in the cancer. The type of cancer and stage dictates the way in which radiation therapy will be given.



Drugs are used for inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells. The cells can either be killed or stopped from dividing. Chemo can be taken via an injection into the muscle or veins or by mouth whereby the drugs enter your blood stream to reach the cancerous cells. Drugs can be placed into cerebrospinal fluid directly, a body cavity or organ like abdomen whereby the drugs affect the cancer cells mainly on the areas.

Biologic therapy

This type of treatment makes use of the immune system of the patient to fight the cancer. The substances could be made in a lab or by the body which direct, boost or restore the natural defenses of the body against cancer. BCG is a biologic therapy used for treatment of bladder cancer.