How to manage gallbladder cancer successfullyAs far as treatment for gallbladder cancer is concerned, what actually determines the treatment option used will depend on your overall health, your preferences and stage at which the cancer is diagnosed? The main goal of treating gallbladder cancer is to eliminate the disease completely. If it is not possible to do so, there are other therapies used for controlling the disease to ensure that it doesn’t spread to other parts and ensure that the patient is comfortable.

Surgery for gallbladder cancer in its early stage

When gallbladder cancer is diagnosed in its early stages, it is possible to have it treated surgically and the various options available include:

  • Surgery for removing the gallbladder- if the cancer is precisely confined to gallbladder, it can then be treated through an operation known as cholecystectomy.
  • Surgery for removing the gallbladder together with a liver portion- there are times when the gall bladder cancer may extend beyond gallbladder and to the liver. In such a case, surgery will be used for removing the gallbladder together with portions of bile ducts and liver, which are surrounding the gall bladder.

It is still not yet known of providing other treatments after a successful surgery operation can help increase the likelihood of the gallbladder cancer not returning. A couple of studies have proved this to be so and in this regard, the doctor could recommend chemotherapy or radiation therapy or even a combination of the two after surgery. As usual, make sure that you discuss with your doctor about the risks and benefits that come with additional treatment so that you can make an informed decision on whether to opt for additional treatment or not.

Treating gallbladder cancer in late stage

When gallbladder cancer has already spread to other body areas, it is not possible to cure it with surgery. Rather treatments which relieve symptoms and signs of cancer are used by the doctor and this helps ensure that are comfortable and live a better life. You may want to consider a couple of options such as:

  • Chemotherapy: this drug treatment makes use of chemicals that aim at killing cancer cells in the gallbladder.
  • Radiation therapy- high powered energy beams like x-rays are used for killing cancer cells through this therapy.
  • Clinical trials- various clinical trials are being used for experimenting new medications for treating gallbladder cancer. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor to ascertain your eligibility of participating in the trials.

Relieving blocked bile ducts

When gallbladder cancer has advanced extensively, it might make the bile ducts to get blocked and this leads to further complications. A couple of procedures are done for relieving the blockages. The surgeons may for example place a stent- hollow metal tube in the duct for holding it open or reroute the bile ducts surgically around the blockage.