Inflammation could be the cause of the reduction of memory

The idea for the study came to the researchers because of the study that was recently done showing that dark chocolate improved memory. Dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties so the researchers wondered if feeding the individuals foods that increased inflammation would decrease memory capabilities. Trans Fats are not to cause increase inflammation.

The Higher the Levels of Trans Fats the Lower the Levels of Memory

A recent study performed on six hundred and forty five healthy men showed that when men consumed Trans Fats in their diets, they reduced their short term memory function.

The Test

The test took six hundred and forty five healthy young men under the age of forty five years and showed them one hundred and four cards that had words written on them. The challenge was for the men to look at the cards and identify which ones of them; they had been shown on a prior occasion. The men followed their traditional diets with varying amounts of Trans Fats.

The men who ate more Trans Fats each day had poorer recollection abilities. Men who consumed a daily average of sixteen grams of Trans Fats recalled about twelve fewer words than men who consumed no Trans Fats. When the daily consumption of Trans Fats was raised from sixteen grams to twenty eight grams the number of words that the men did not recall raised from twelve to twenty one.

A Reduction in Omega 3 fatty Acids Might be the cause in the reduction of memory

Trans Fats have been proven to inhibit the body’s ability to produce Omega 3 fatty acids. We know that Omega 3 Fatty Acids are crucial to brain function, so the reduction in the number of these acids may be the reason for the reduction in memory function.

Another Brain Altering Effect of Trans Fats

When people eat diets that have high levels of Trans Fats, their serotonin levels are decreased. Serotonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate your appetite, and your mood, as well as your sleep patterns. When the serotonin levels are disrupted the person may suffer from depression, irregular sleep patterns that lead to depression, fatigue, and lethargic behaviors, and either an increased appetite that leads to weight gain, or a decreased appetite that leads to weight loss.

What is being done about Trans Fats in Foods?

The Food and Drug Administration has put into place a set of guidelines and regulations to remove the Trans Fats from foods. The FDA ruled that partially hydrogenated oils are not considered to be safe for human consumption at any level.

After June 18, 2018, companies will have to petition the Food and Drug Administration if they want to include Trans Fat in their food products. There will be some specific uses of the oils that will be permitted, but those uses will be highly regulated.

Currently Americans eat diets that consist of between two and three percent Trans Fats.