Some of the highly recommended iPhone migraine appsiHeadache

This iPhone app isn’t really bad but some of the features are less than ideal. The free version comes with ads if you are not ready to pay for one. They have a limited list of symptoms and some critical ones are missing such as overheating, sensitivity to smell and touch and overheating. Most of the popular triggers are covered but for migraine triggered by nuts, tomatoes or soy for instance, you won’t be able to take note of it. A great feature in this app is that the user is able to list all the medications that he or she will be taking for the condition depending on the migraine.

Headache Relief Diary

This is a free app and performs greatly in logging acute episodes of milestones and includes all pertinent information. It is also highly flexible and features a list of set symptoms as well but also has an option where users can type in unlisted symptoms. Still, you will also be thrilled with the fact that the app makes it possible for you to record side effects and effectiveness of the treatment medications and also ensures that you have records of the info you need.

iManage Migraine

This free app has been described by many to be cheesy and somehow juvenile. This app comes with the design of a town square where each street represents a specific migraine related topic. This includes Treatment Alley, Management Lane and Migraine Street etc. for some, this app is quite annoying as this information isn’t really represented in a way that is respectful.


Any patient will find this free app to be a very useful resource. There are photos of pills provided for easy identification and medical news and drug interactions are well listed.

<h2>Medical Encyclopedia

This free app is quite fantastic and provides users with a list of diseases, symptoms, tests, surgeries etc. This way, you can look for any topic and get more info about it and this ensures that you can understand most of the things your doctor is telling you.

Chronic Pain Tracker

The lite version of this app is free and any person with chronic pain will find the app to be very useful. You don’t enter acute pain or migraine episodes as it assumes that your pain is chronic. Just start with the elite version and if it suits your needs, you can consider ordering the paid version and it will definitely be of great help to you.

Health Through Breath- Pranayama

This meditation app is really cool and an awesome download that you should have in your iPhone. You just need to breathe as you practice mindfulness when you start feeling pain. The app is highly recommended.