Five daily routines to maintain a healthy heart

A healthy heart is important to both young and old persons; this is simply because heart problems could happen to a person of any age.

It is essential for persons that want to stay alive to try anything within their power to avoid heart problems and diseases, whether through earlydiagnostics,medicationor healthy heart workouts.

Heart diseases can be prevented by simply engaging in some daily routines for a healthy heart.

Written below are some routines that are advice for any individual to engage in.

  • Exercise

Like any muscle, your heart gets stronger with exercise. It is important for you to develop a daily routine of engaging in at least 30 minutes workout each day.

The 30 minutes work out for each day is highly recommended by the center for disease control (CDC). A moderate exercise like walking is good enough for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to participate in significant workouts.

However, for anyone who can make out time to engage in more rigorous exercises,swimming, cycling, running, jogging and rowing are great options.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

It is vital to maintaining moderate and healthy body weight,and it is recommended for over-weight persons to lose half a pound to two pounds every week.

Persons suffering from diabetes and obesity are at higher risk of encountering heart diseases because having excess fatleads to an increase in your blood pressuredue to the build of the excess fat which thenblocks the arteries.

Maintaining a healthy weight goes a long way in guaranteeinga heartdisease free and healthy life for any individual.

  • Abstain from smoking

Smoking is known to cause serious damages to the lungs and heart, so it is crucial for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy heart to abstain completely from smoking.

Did you know that, within 20 minutes of abstaining from smoking your blood pressure decreases and in turn slows down your heartbeat rate to the average level? 

Also, in 12 hours the carbon monoxide level returns to normal. After one year of totally staying swaying from smoking, your risk of encountering a heart disease is drastically reduced compared to that of a daily smoker.

In five years, your level of getting a stroke is the same with that of someone who has never smoked; this only means that any time you decide to abstain from smoking, you will be making the right decisions as they help to guarantee nothing but a healthier life for you.

A study shows that for non-smokers,inhaling the smokefrom smokers around you does more harm to your health as it places you at a 25 to 30 percent risk of getting heart disease.

  • Maintain a healthy diet

A dietcontaining processed food like white rice, excess salt, red meat, soda, and sweet beverages increases the risk of getting a heart disease

I advise that you add whole grains, unsaturated fat, beans, fish, eggs, fruits, spices, herbs, and vegetables to your daily diet. This is simply becausethey have low-calorie content and they promote good health.

  • Avoid stress

The human body releases adrenaline and cortisol; these hormones increase your heartbeat and narrow your blood vessels in a bid to alert your body for the fight or flight response.

Because heart diseases are usually resulting from narrowed blood vessels, it is overly vital for you to try and manage stress.

Yoga, meditation and relaxation are great ways one can use in dealing with a really stressful day.

Therefore, I advise that you try as much as possible each day to engage in stress relieving methods that will work best for you.


Maintaining a healthy heart can be very simple if you put your mind to it. Doing regular workouts,having a healthy diet and abstaining from stress will really help in setting you on the right partto a healthy heart.

Putting these lifestyle choices into practice can be a bit stressful, but trust me,in the end, it’s worth it. Good health they say is better than wealth, and this solely explains why its necessary to go the extra mile toachieve it.