Patient is required by the Doctors for the Treatment of AutismImportant things you should know about ASD

Any family will dramatically change its world when they found out that their little girl or body has apraxia and ASD or autism spectrum disorder. There is a family with a little girl named Annie and they were so surprised to know that Annie has Apraxia and ASD the day before she celebrates her birthday. Her parents were so surprised and they were devastated, because they knew that this is a serious condition and their role will never stop or they cannot even just be comfortable in their comfort zone. This is because their child needs help from an expert that can improve the physical and emotional aspects of their child.

They were so thankful upon stumbling upon Annie’s pedia; she is Dr. Susan Levy, a developmental pedia and a member of the autism expert panel for the American Academy of Pediatrics in Philadelphia. They have been working well for around ten years now to give proper care and developmental goals that has helped Annie in looking for her voice via the speech gen. tech. and be able to grow as a very special and extraordinary child that she is now.  Good thing her doctor is by the side of the family during the treatment and she was there when they were looking for a school, while Annie is going through the therapy and from toddler until she reached her 12th year of life.

It’s just that every family deserves to find a doctor like Dr. Levy to deal with ASD and they must be very comfortable in giving information and in working along with the doctor in terms of the treatment plan for the child to have a chance to live a fuller life. To boost good partnership between the parents and the doctor, there are few things you need to do and this article will highlight every bit of information for you to be able to build a good and lasting partnership with the doctor that will help you deal with ASD in your child.

Factors to consider in collaborating with the doctor

Build trust. This is essential between partners and since you and the doctor will be partners in helping the child, you need to look for a doctor whom you can trust. Your instinct can help you this time.

Don’t be scared. The time of the doctor with your child and vice versa is very essential. You must feel very much comfortable in sharing your needs, fears, and assumption to the doctor. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions. It will be helpful if you list down all your concerns and then discuss it with the doctor one by one.

Learn to share. This is essential and it is a part of the doctor and patient relationship to share all the essential information needed for the process. You need to be transparent and honest to the doctor with all the details that you will give her/him.

Keep in mind that it is your kid. You shouldn’t forget that you and the doctor are both experts when it comes to the welfare of the child and you should work as a team, so having a health convo is very important in seeking medical treatments for the sake of the child.