Instant Health Information on the Palms of the PatientsThe future technology in health sector

The advent of technology will change our lives to the better, but that is only if we implement fully. In the hospitality industry, for instance, a lot of time is lost when customers wait for waiters so that they can order for the food they want. Do not forget that there is the session where the waiter will start by explaining the current day’s menu so that you can select what pleases you. This procedure is time wasting and can be simplified by a well-programmed app that captures all the services in a specific restaurant, where patrons will be ordering from touch screens near the sitting area.

App for Health Industry

The same can be implemented in the health industry through an app that is downloadable on mobile devices. This avails crucial information to patients who always get a lot of hard time trying to access it through the normal conventional means. The health of our people will be greatly improved when up to date information is available when it is required. The following are the guidelines that could lead to a perfect healthcare app.

  • An update of the physician’s program for a particular patient, which should be relayed in a layperson’s language. The program will help the patient to take medication or diet in a consistent and uniform way based on the real-time directives of the physician.
  • A theatre appointment that has been rescheduled and would be done earlier than it was planned. An update would like “Your theatre appointment has been altered and it will be in two hours time, check this link and see the what preparations are required of you”
  • “The doctor will be arriving five hours late, please inform your caretakers” This information will give nurses enough time to alter their schedule so that they can be in charge for the duration that the doctor will be away. Incidences where patient are left unattended to will reduce drastically.
  • “Is there any information you need from your doctor? Click here to leave him a comment and he will get back to you before your surgery is over” The app will provide guided communication between patients and doctors, and there will be no chance of leaving any detail unattended.
  • The best one is where you can check the bills that you have incur just by the press of a button. Many delays at the time of getting discharged are when bills are being calculated, and with the help of the app, that will be a process to be finished within minutes.

This change will require a lot of effort and resources because there are many details to be included before the system captures all the hospital, doctor and patients details. A patient centered system will be the only way to make health provision easier and such an app will be a great stride towards the achievement of such a service.