Pregnancy and being overweight of the mother

In news released on the 27th of April this year, 2016, babies with moms who were overweight before they had their pregnancy might be more likely to be overweight according to the study. The study has discovered that the moms who gained a lot of weight during pregnancy might be more prone in having overweight babies. There was a little bit of good news to all moms out there, because breastfeeding is said to be of help for the babies during their first 6 months of life and that can help in lessening the risk of the babies in becoming overweight.

The effect of obesity of the moms to the babies

Obesity among kids are also associated with adult obesity and in the long run, it will also branch out to some health concerns, which is the reason why it is essential to find out some factors that has something to do with too much weight during the early years of life, this is in accordance with the lead author of the research and evaluation board in South California. The study determines and points out the need of the people for more health related efforts to lessen the maternal obesity, suitable pregnancy weight gain and to also boost breast feeding, the author added.

The new research has indicated that more than 16,000 women in the southern part of California who gave birth in the year 2011. The researchers have checked the kid’s weight, by the time they reached their 2nd year of life. When you compare to women who were at their normal weight before they even got pregnant, the toddlers of the moms who were overweight before they get pregnant were more likely to be two times heavier. Those 2 years old with moms that were overweight before they even got pregnant were more likely to be overweight by only 50%, according to the study.

For the meantime, too much weight gain while pregnant is also linked with 23% rise in the odds of the toddlers to be overweight. According to the researchers, they have defined too much weight gain during pregnancy as a normal weight of the woman when gained more than thirty-five pounds, while an overweight woman who have gained more than twenty-five pounds and an obese woman will more likely to gain more than twenty pounds.  Breast feeding for more than 6 months was linked with twenty-four percent lower risk of a toddler being overweight, this is regardless if the mom weight before it gets pregnant, or gestational diabetes or too much weight gain during pregnancy, according to the author of the studies.