The cracks of system killed my motherMy mum was kind, giving, and funny and was willing to go out of her ways to help people who needed her in one way or the other. She was a single parent, having been divorced by a drug addict and she was everything I ever had when it came to parenting. She touched the lives of so many people who also loved her very much. Unfortunately, my mother was also a cancer patient and for many years, she worked on a couple of jobs and made not more than 30k per year. This meant that her income was too much to make my mum qualify for the state health insurance coverage and sufficient to pay for her private insurance with the help of her employer.

When respiratory distress struck

My mum’s annual income was also quite little to enable her afford high co pays consistently on her inhalers given the crippling expenses that she also had to cater for including food, rent, heat and electricity. As such, her asthma was considerably unmanaged for quite a lot time and she used to rely on the nebulizer machines and rescue inhalers of her colleagues during her rougher spots. There were times however when such things were not enough. On one of her usual Fridays, my mum went into a respiratory distress. In spite of the best efforts of a friend to do a CPR on her, it was pretty clear that she had gone through several minutes with her brain deprived of oxygen. This resulted in an extensive brain damage which narrowed her chances of recovering because essentially, she was brain dead.

We as the family opted to respect the wishes she had made previously and consequently removed the feeding tube and ventilator. Within 24 hours, she was dead and the truth is that no one knows why things had to go so wring. But even though I am a lay person and my knowledge about asthma might not be much, I strongly believe that this strategy was caused by her asthma history. Most importantly, her unmanaged asthma case wasn’t a secret and this could have driven her to the grave. Despite my mum working herself off to her possible limits, she wasn’t able to pay for inhaler’s co- pay.

The anti- capitalistic society

Being her daughter and family, I am very furious. My mum sacrificed all she had to make others happy but during her sickness, the society felt that she was a great burden and we were to anti- capitalistic to enable us give a helping hand to assist her get the much needed medication. She is now dead and this means I will never lover her, hold her or see her again. Her brothers, sisters, co- workers and friends will also be deprived of this too as she is gone for good.