When people found out in 2014 that the flu vaccine they had received was not going to be extremely effective at preventing them from catching the flu they were disappointed. The Center for Disease Control says that in 2014 the flu vaccines had an effectiveness rate of less than twenty percent. Changes have been made to the vaccines so that in 2015 they can potentially prevent more cases of the flu.

What was wrong with the flu vaccines in 2014?

When developing the flu vaccines for the public researchers look at the strains of flu that are circulating in the spring of the year. Last year the strains of the flu virus that the vaccines were prepared to fight off changed during the flu season. That meant that the vaccines that were developed to prevent to flu were not effective for the types of flu that were being spread.

The result was a lot more people caught the flu and were hospitalized with the virus, than is normal. This was especially true for people who were 65 or older. The people 65 or older, people with weaker immune systems, and small children, are more susceptible to the flu virus, and they need the most protection.

What is different about 2015

The health experts have changed the components that make up the vaccine using the influenza A and Influenza B components. The two main flu vaccines are the trivalent vaccine and the quadrivalent vaccine. The health experts have updated the components of the trivalent vaccine, so that it is effective against the most common strands of the flu.

The inhaled form of the flu vaccine is the quadrivalent variety, but the shots can be the trivalent or the quadrivalent varieties. You can ask your doctor what version they have, but generally the different versions are sent to different regions and you do not get to choose which type you want. You simply get what is available in your area.

It is actually impossible to make a flu vaccine that is 100% effective against all of the different flu strains. The strains of flu can mutate and change so that the vaccine starts to lose its ability to control it. The one constant thing about the flu is that it is constantly changing and adapting.

Why you should get the flu vaccine

You need to get the flu vaccine to protect yourself and your loved ones from this potentially deadly virus. The flu vaccines may not be one hundred percent effective at preventing you from getting the flu, but if you do not take the vaccine you can bet that you will be one hundred percent unprotected from the flu.

Anyone who is around the elderly or around children should be vaccinated. This will help to reduce the number of flu exposures the elderly and children have each year.

Remember that hand washing is one of the most vital protections you have against the flu.