ALL is acute lymphoblastic leukemia and according to information published by Nature Immunology children who get the Hib, or Haemophilus Influenza type b vaccination, have lower risks of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Most common type of childhood cancer

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer, and a flu vaccine can help to protect children from it. Once all four doses of the vaccine has been given to children the pre-leukemia blood cells that are seen in children do not mutate into cancer cells, and that is because the infections that cause the pre-leukemia cells do not occur.

Haemophilus Influenza Type B Vaccine

This is not just a common flu vaccine like you take each year. This vaccine is actually given to infants in four doses to help stop ear infections, and meningitis that children get from the Haemophilus bacterium.

Researchers were amazed when they started to compile the data on the Hib vaccine and the reduction of childhood ALL. At first they could not believe what they were seeing, but after careful evaluation of the facts they theorized that once children had received four doses of the Hib vaccine their chances of contracting ALL were greatly reduced.

The researchers are convinced that when the vaccination helps to reduce the number of ear infections, and childhood meningitis, it reduces the number of cells that can mutate into cancerous cells.

What this means

This means that by vaccinating all children while they are infants, we can possibly erase ALL from the list of diseases that children may be subjected to. We might could eliminate ALL like we eliminated Polio. Researchers are hopeful that the Hib vaccine will at least reduce ALL to being a minimal risk to children.

What this means for the future

This research means that researchers will begin to look at all of the other vaccines and the infections that those vaccines are supposed to stop from happening. The research teams will be trying to see if some of the other infections that are being treated with childhood immunizations might be culprits behind other deadly cancers.

This research might enable doctors to eradicate a larger number of cancers seen in children.

What this means to pediatricians

This information allows the pediatricians to stress to parents the importance of childhood vaccinations. The Hib vaccine will not just minimize the number of ear infections that a baby has, but it might stop that baby from having a deadly cancer in the future.

Pediatricians should be certain that they are checking the vaccination records of all of their patients to make certain they have had all four doses of the Hib vaccine.

What this means for parents

Parents have another tool in their arsenal to help keep their children safe. Every parent wants their child to be healthy, and if you provide parents with the knowledge of how to keep their child healthy, they will do their best to use that knowledge wisely.