What the report has to say about stomach bugs

According to the recent report by Reuters, the kids who are starting out in the daycare might be at risk of having stomach bugs during the first year of their stay. However, they may also suffer from some infections later on in life; this is in accordance to the researchers who conducted the test in The Netherlands. The results bid that the daycare might help in securing the kids from stomach related infections through time. The acute gastroenteritis is an essential culprit of the ailment and the doctor visits in some industrialized nations, especially among the kids in the preschools during winter time, this is in accordance with the statement of the author Marieke de Hoog, who works in the University Medical Center in Utrecht.

The probability of stomach bugs among kids

While the daycare has also been associated with the rise in the possibility of having stomach bugs, it was less likely known if that goes down later on when the child gets older. This is according to the statement of the team who works on pediatrics care.  For the current study, the authors were able to take note of more than 1,000 Dutch kids for the 1st 6 years of life that includes more than 1,000 who were able to attend the daycare before they celebrate their very first birthday.  For the kids who are over 6 years old, there were around twelve stomach infections that will most likely to occur to them yearly. This is for every one hundred kids in the daycare center when compared to the thirteen infections among the kids who weren’t able to attend the daycare.

How the rate of infections affects kids?

Though, the rates of infection were close through the whole 6 years, the kids in the daycare were around 13% more prone to be detected with acute gastroenteritis on their first year of life when compared to the kids who weren’t able to go to the daycare. The kids in the daycare had a lower probability of having infections from ages 3-6 when compared to the kids who are not enrolled in the daycare. This is according to the researches.  It is also probable that the security effect goes over 6 years of age, on the other hand, there are still more researches needed to sustain this statement. This is in accordance with the email sent to Reuters Health by De Hoog.

Dr. David Dunkin, a Pedia-GI at the Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC said that the rise in the odds of stomach infections among kids during their 1st year of life in the daycare is most likely an outcome of them being exposed for the very first time to the germs that causes the stomach infection. If the parents can easily hang in there for the 1st year of the kids being sick, then the time after that is simpler and calmer for them too, Dr. Dunkin added. The current study cannot determine or confirm the reason behind the kids in the daycare may be at a lower risk of being infected as they get older, however, according to De Hoog, their body must have learned how to secure them.