Championing For the Place of Vaccines in Society

Over 300 organizations, including AAFP, want the US government to increase public awareness about the importance of vaccines in preventing diseases. Going by the old adage that prevention is better than cure, the place of vaccines in healthcare needs to be more firmly established.

The reasoning behind the demand for more awareness

The letter emphasizes that vaccines have been there for centuries. This means innovation in immunization is old enough to be effective in controlling diseases and preventing deaths.  More than 2 million infant lives have been saved worldwide. The letter continues to say that vaccines eradicate diseases and reduce death toll in the world. For example, small pox is no longer a medical problem in the world. Thanks to vaccination, this problem was eliminated once and for all.

Another revelation is that despite vaccines being effective, the US still experiences cases that can be avoided through vaccines. There are parents who are against vaccines claiming they put their children’s life at risk. Such staunch stands call for more public awareness to curb such beliefs. There are good examples of disease outbreaks that were vaccine preventable. In 2014, measles affected more than 140 individuals. The outbreak started in California, specifically in Disneyland. Influenza cases are worse standing at 200,000 every year.

Handling misconceptions about vaccine safety

Everyone is entitled to an opinion about how safe vaccines are. Some people refute vaccines claiming they are unsafe. However, the letter to the president disregards this claim. Studies show that when vaccines are administered as required, and by qualified health care providers, there are no risks to anyone’s health, including adults. CPR at hospitals will be at its minimum as more conditions become preventable. Thorough review of many studies in vaccine related fields prove this fact.

Delayed immunization and wrong beliefs have been known to risk lives of many especially children. That is why AAFP and other organizations recommended a sit down with the president to discuss scientifically proven facts about the efficiency of vaccines.

Both adults and children need vaccination. Some people think adults are safe. Diseases keep evolving and vaccines boost the immunity of adults. During outbreaks, children are at the highest risk. To reduce congestion in the emergency room, vaccines for adults are recommended. This way, cpr for adults reduces so that more attention is given to children.

Government efforts towards advancing vaccines

There is a commission of experts that scrutinize the latest discoveries in immunization. The discoveries are scientifically conducted to provide tangible evidence about the effectiveness of immunization.

Besides, the office of National Vaccine Program fosters government efforts in curbing diseases. However, over 300 organizations are not contented with these efforts; they want more. Actually, AAFP sent President Trump a letter late last year. It was intended to persuade the head of state to increase vaccination for everyone. AAFP recommended that the government improve the framework regarding access and payment for vaccines.