Low birth weight and bullying

Kids who are born with a low weight at birth might face high risk of being bullied than the regular sized kids. They will be prone to suffering and trauma by being a victim. This is according to the study conducted in Canada.  Among the survivors of bullying that were adults now, those who had been small during their toddler years were more likely to be just 5.5lbs and they tend to be depressed, avoidant, hyperactive, antisocial. They also tend to suffer from panic disorders or obsessive compulsive behavior. This is based on the report in the pediatrics of the researchers.

Though bullying has a lasting effect on every kid, teens who had low birth weight during delivery might suffer more pains and sufferings because they need to overcome through a lot of it in their lives, this is according to Ms. Day, an author and researcher in a university in Hamilton, Ontario. Babies who weigh less than 2lbs during birth are known as babies with extreme low birth weight. Some of them die few days after delivery, while those who were able to make it might suffer from complications such as chronic lung disease, behavioral, emotional issues, physical deformities, impaired vision as well as hearing and cognitive displays.

Sensitive to the results of bullying

These differences also make them more sensitive to the results of bullying that might also place them on a greater odd for going through the effects of bullying. To know how the birth weight can badly affect the effects of bullying to a child, Day and her friends checked the psychiatric disorders in adults at 2 key points and those who joined are between the ages of 22 & 36. More than ½ of the 275 people who went through the 1st test that was conducted by the age of 26. Those who were able to complete the adult evaluations, the 84 low birth weight babies only weighed 1.8lbs during delivery, while the control group of 90 normal babies weighed 7.5lbs.

During the 1st evaluation when they turn into adult, they have recalled how they were able to go through the physical and the verbal abuse they went through before they even celebrated their 16th year of life. The researchers have used the 10-point scale. The lowest to get the scores has experienced no bullying at all while the highest results mean they were victimized by bullies a lot of times.  Those who participated were little babies with an average score of 5 it was compared with those who falls under 4 who were delivered in a normal size at birth.