Managing rheumatoid arthritis treatment might be very inconvenient for you at times, but it will all be worth it. As a matter of fact, there is a better alternative that may place your life’s quality in danger. Without the right treatment, rheumatoid arthritis may cause long term effects to your joints and damages that may not be repaired at all to the entire body, along with the pain and the disability too according to a doctor. In time, the joints may also be deformed and its function may also be lost. On the other side, the treatment may go along way for you when it comes to controlling the long term damage that it may cause you. With continuous treatment, people may have control over the signs and the progression may also be lessened. A lot of people have experienced remission.

Short and long term complications of untreated rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis when remained untreated may bring you lots of short term complications, especially joint pains. Since it affects the whole body, without the right treatment, you may also suffer from universal malaise, fever and tiredness. Rheumatoid arthritis that is untreated for such a long time may boost the danger of infection. This is because this is an autoimmune disease, the immune system mainly focus in hitting the joints, so you are not protected from ailments.

There is a study about arthritis & rheumatology in 2012 that involves five hundred eighty four people with RA, while 43% have progressed to other serious infections. If RA is remained untreated for such a long time, your life will be at risk. Consistent swelling may lead to a short lifespan. RA may boost the danger for a heart disease, since inflammation not just affects the joints, but also the heart. If the swelling will not be controlled from the RA that is untreated, it may narrow down the blood vessels thus it will allow plaque buildup too.

The essence of early treatment

Around 85% of the people with RA withstand joint damage, while the others suffer from damages from the first 2 years of it. These days, a lot of experts require early treatment to protect the joints from RA.  There is a study that around 1,800 people with early RA signs found out that around 34% of the people were able to enjoy remission. There is a great success in terms of the treatment using the DMARDs that must start out within 3 months after detecting the disease.  On the other hand, DMARDs are not just the only type of drugs for RA. You also need to have a daily exercise routine to keep you healthy too aside from the treatment.