The benefits of first aid certification extend far beyond having a sense of achievement. The ability to save lives of the individuals will also open the doors to different employment. Not getting the first certification can be costly in many ways.

In this article, we will explain why it’s necessary for everyone to get CPR and first aid certification.

The Cost of Not Having First Aid Skills

The biggest con of not having basic first aid skills is the feeling of powerlessness when seeing a person suffering from a heart attack. And if the person is someone close to you, the feeling can be really heart-wrenching.

The American Heart Association states that sudden heart attack is the leading cause of death in the US. More than 300,000 cases of heart attacks are reported each year. Victims who received immediate first aid had a significantly higher survival rate as compared to those who did not receive immediate assistance.

First aid skills such as CPR can increase the survival rates by greater than 40 percent. Every second count after a person has suffered a heart attack. The survival chance of a heart attack victim decreases by about 10 percent after each minute that the treatment is delayed. In other words, the survival rate of a person who suffers from a heart attack decreases significantly if immediate assistance is not provided.

The death of young athletes in the school while training in the gym or outside has resulted in the introduction of state laws that have made Artificial Electronic Defibrillators (AEDs) mandatory in schools. Although AEDs can prove invaluable in saving the life of the individuals, they can’t be of much use without getting a CPR and first aid certification.

Being armed with first aid knowledge and skills will help you to provide timely assistance to heart attack patients. You will know how to perform chest compressions to ensure that the blood keeps circulating to vital body organs. Getting a CPR training will allow you to make correct judgment calls that can save the life of an individual.


CPR certification is essential for everyone. The cost of not obtaining a certification is too many. On the other hand, the benefits of getting a certification are considerable. Having a CPR and first aid training could help save the life of individuals. When you get first aid certification, you will be able to help first aid victims survive the ordeal. CPR training will allow you to know the necessary skills that are required to save the life of a stranger having a heart attack on the street. You will also be able to offer timely assistance to your loved one who suffers from a heart attack in a home located far from a medical center. Saving lives of others will create a feeling of empowerment, and lead to inner satisfaction.