Using cell phones on long time has been found not to be linked with increased risk for brain tumors as suggested by a new research. The researchers behind this study reviewed the data of the whole Danish population aged above 30 years for a period of more than 18 years, which comprised of about 360, 000 users of cell phone. When the rates of central nervous system and brain cancer were compared for long term users of cell phones and no users, the findings showed no evidence of a high cancer risk even for people who had used the gadgets for over 13 years.

Are the results right?

While these results are quite reassuring, you can help but wonder whether they are right or not. The debate about cancer and cell phones has continued for a long time now. Various studies undertaken in this area have only yielded mixed messages, which have ended up confusing people even more. However, the main question is whether you should be concerned about cancer and cell phones or not. The truth of the matter is that even experts are yet to come up with any definitive conclusions.

Every author of the various research findings reported has reported their results to be very accurate and their conclusions only spurred up the debate on the issue. Everyone seems to agree that there is need for more research in order to shed more light on the issue. What you can do as a cell phone user is to minimize your risk of getting cancer.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that can help achieve this as highlighted here below:

  • Limit the length and frequency of calls: keep your calls short and call from a landline if you expect to make long calls.
  • Get a landline if you don’t have one: if you know too well that you will be calling your loved ones for long hours, consider using a landline. Avoid cordless phones as they have been found to increase arrhythmias and heart rate.
  • Avoid chatting in trains, cars or elevators: in such places, your phone is forced to work extra hard in getting the signals out via the metal and stronger electromagnetic radiations are thus emitted. More power means more radiation and more risk.
  • Use your cell phone only when a full signal is available: poor receptions lead to your phone being overworked in order to connect and this means that it gives off strong electromagnetic radiations.
  • Use speaker mode or headset: do what you can to keep your cell phone as far as possible from your head.
  • Get text savvy: texting is a good habit as less radiation is emitted by the phone.
  • Charge your battery: when the battery power is low, the phone usually has problems trying to find good signals and this means poor reception that exposes you to more radiation.