Cancer Medications Causes Fast Aging


A recent study conducted reveals that cancer patients are faced with a challenge of faster aging due to the treatment they get. The patients are likely to develop complications related to aging while they are still young. Some of the Illnesses they might get to include the hormone disorder, heart diseases, brittle bone, and new cancers. The survivors are likely to become weak as the years go.

What Did The Researchers Find Out?

Researchers noted that the life expectancy of childhood cancer survivors is 30%lower than that of other people. It is clear that cancer survivors are increasing rapidly. Medical practitioners need to pay more attention to the wellness of cancer survivor and look into ways in which they remain healthy.

There are increased complications among cancer survivors in the recent years. This calls for an immediate intervention in order to deal with these complications.

Researchers predict that there will be about 19 million new cancer cases per year before 2025. Currently, there are approximately 30 million cancer survivors in the world. Most of these individuals face long-term health conditions and faster aging.

Dr. Charles who is the director of Survivorship Program for Cancer stated that people are now struggling due to their effort to reduce the number of cancer deaths. He termed the situation as dealing with the consequences.

Cancer patients undergo radiation therapy and chemotherapy, which are serious procedures that interfere with body’s natural resilience.

Causes of Faster Aging for Cancer Survivors According To Research

The scientific evidence found that:

  • Cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy contributed to faster aging at both cellular and genetic level. They make the DNA to begin unraveling and body cells to die faster than normal.
  • Prolonged steroid treatment increased the risk of getting cataracts, nerve damage, brittle bone, impaired wound healing and reduced immune response.
  • Bone marrow transplant patients are more likely to be frail.
  • The drugs used in cancer treatment contributed to high blood pressure, heart failure, low thyroid levels, arthritis, infertility, liver diseases etc.
  • Hormonal drug Tamoxifen that is used in breast cancer treatment has been linked to cataracts.
  • Radiation therapy has also been associated with memory loss, dementia and secondary cancers.
  • Women who underwent chemotherapy were likely to go into menstruation earlier than normal.

Measures Taken To Reduce Faster Aging in Cancer Survivors

Scientists are trying their best to come up with a working plan to deal with faster aging in cancer survivors. This will help them to live a longer life and enjoy their survival.

Dr. Hamsi suggested that cancer survivor should help themselves and reduce faster aging by adapting to a healthy lifestyle. This involved quitting bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Cancer survivors should exercise regularly and eat a good diet.

There is a movement that has already been established that will aid in reducing treatments needed to cure cancer. This will greatly reduce the fast aging effects.

Furthermore, intensive research and trials are being conducted to escalate and to evaluate the treatments for cancers such as lymphoma.

All these steps will aid in reducing the development of new cancers, heart diseases and reduce faster aging in cancer survivors.