Fried Foods and the Damage they might cause

Fried foods may increase a person’s chances of heart failure by as much as 689% when the food is consumed more than seven times a week. That means that eating fried foods at least one time each day more than double your risks of heart failure.

Eating fried foods as few as three times a week has been shown to increase the risk of heart failure by as much as 18%. When people keep their fried food consumption to a minimum of four to six times a week, they raise their chances of heart failure by 25%.

The fried foods you need to avoid

Many people do not even think about the fact that when they grab that morning donut they are eating a fried food that can be increasing their chances of heart failure. This means you need to stop eating the French fried potatoes with your lunch, and the fried chips, the fried meats like chicken and fish, and anything else cooked in fat. Replace these high fat foods with ones that are lower in fat and sodium to reduce your heart failure risks.

Lifestyle Changes

In order to change your risk of heart failure you have to make some lifestyle changes. Eating a healthier diet that includes more fruit, vegetables and whole grains is a big part of those lifestyle changes. You need to broil, boil, or bake the majority of the meats that you consume, and you have to add activities that include walking, running, or some movement that will increase your heart rate at least three times a week.

If we begin to teach our children at a young age to avoid fried foods, then we can reduce the number of deaths that heart diseases cause each year. Children eat what they are taught to eat by their parents and families. If the parent serves the child fresh fruits instead of high fat sugary cakes and cookies, the child will be more likely to select fresh fruit when they want something sweet, and are away from their parents.

The schools are getting involved in the lifestyle changes by serving children more whole grain products and fresh fruits for their lunches. As children grow they will naturally develop a taste for the foods that they are served on a regular basis. By the time they reach adulthood children who are raised on a diet that contains few fried foods will not consume fried foods because they will not have a taste for them. These adults will go on to raise children who do not eat fried foods, and as each generation passes the number of deaths by coronary diseases will be reduces.