According to recent research, it shows that there is progressive damage to the child that could lead to criminal activities in the near future.

The research study that was carried out to substantiate this fact involved random selection of children aged 26 years all the way from the time they were born. The comparison was undertaken to compare the participants television watching habits from the time they were young with their current behavioral practices where some of the behaviors would have been associated with criminal convictions.

From the results, it was clear that kids who had watched more television were said to be more likely to end up with certain convictions or sorts of aggressiveness. According to the authors of the study, the recommended time for children to watch television should be about two hours each day or less.

Benefits of 1-2 hours of television for kids daily

Lindsay A Robertson, MPH in the department of preventive and social medicine in New Zealand at the University of Otago Dunedin School, she helped with colleagues carry out a research whose objectives were to provide clear information regarding television viewership, the data to be watched and the effects the results had on those children either at the current times or in the near future.

The work of the brain especially that of a child is to take details and emulate them. For instance, parents are required to teach their children good etiquette from the time they are young since the child has no obligation than to copy what he or she sees within the family. This is the same thing with television and hence it has been reported that the more the television viewership, the more problems the parents are likely to face from their children especially if the programs watched depicted violence.

Results from the study

Although there was a lot of material, on the average, it was taken to account that children who had spend more time than the recommended time were most likely to engage in criminal activities. In addition to crime, more information was linked to the same people but at this point, aggression was also included in conjunction with bad attitude. It is evident that every parent can steer the behavior of his or her child towards the right direction and all they need to do is to step forward and take charge.

Peer groups and peer pressure were regarded as anti-social behaviors that would in return be subject of loss to the target victim. This was further confirmed with the availability of content that the adolescent and teenager would see as a behavior turning point. For better performance, 1-2 hours of television is enough each day for such kids.