Making a choice between Lasek and Lasik eye surgeryThe increased level of technology at man’s disposal has attracted even more people as the procedure becomes faster and safer. A person seeking to have laser surgery will have to select between two options namely, Lasik or Lasek eye surgery. The two are both types of laser eye surgery.  Lasik eye surgery is the more popular of the two.

In-depth look at Lasik and Lasek eye surgery

The disparity between the two procedures lies in the manner in which they access the inner part of the cornea. The cornea is the specific part of the eye that gets exposed to the laser beams. It’s the outer white part of the eye and the doctor isn’t allowed to point the laser directly on the surface. They have to seek other alternative routes to access it. There is the simple process of lifting a marginally thin layer of your cornea before using the laser.

The Lasik method will witness a small flap being created using a surgical blade. This flap is then cut and lifted. The laser is used to apply any prescription made and afterwards the layer is returned to its original spot. The Lasek eye surgery procedure will on the other hand witness your epithelium (Outer layer of cornea) loosened a little. This process is facilitated by an alcohol solution and not a blade like in the case of Lasik eye surgery. The epithelium is then shifted to the side and then the laser prescription applied.

The main differences between Lasik and Lasek eye surgery

People who undergo Lasik procedure recover more quickly and with little fuss as compared to those who undergo Lasek. The risks involved in the Lasik method are relatively higher than those in Lasek. This is mainly due to the fact that the cut part of the cornea will need to heal for the procedure to be successful. Some people often start developing complication during this period as the thin part of the cornea tries to heal.

The strength of the cornea will in no way be affected should you choose to have Lasek eye surgery. This is highly recommendable for athletes who are often involved in contact sports.

The similarity between the two is that they are both priced the same in most modern clinics. The visual results are also more or less the same if they are successful. This just means that neither of the two procedures is superior to the other. As mentioned earlier, the only difference is the access method, the laser technique remains the same for both Lasik and Lasek hence the similarity in results.

A huge number of people often opt for Lasik seeing that they can resume their normal duties within a short duration. The people who normally go for Lasek are those who have specific prescriptions to use Lasek or have been advised to do so and don’t have any other option. You can visit an eye surgeon today to get more information on the same.