A woman who frequently has a sugary beverage is more like to get type 2 diabetes than a woman who takes it rarely. But this is not as new as there has always been an association between refined sugar and diabetes. However, there have been few studies in between to substantiate this. In the study discussed below, you will see why women should avoid sugary drinks or totally obliterate them from their diet.

Here is what the study found out

The rise in the number of people who have type 2 diabetes is alarming as countries continue to gain economic development. Keren Papier, PhD student, Australian National University examined data from about forty thousand adults without diabetes at the beginning of study in 2005 who were in a study being done by students to examine the health-risk transition in Thailand. Participants were submitted to questionnaire asking about their lifestyles, health history and so on. Years later there were follow-ups on the participants.

After the follow-up, about seven hundred participants had Type 2 Diabetes. They used different methods to analyze the information in order to come up with the conclusions.

Investigators found that among the women that drank a sugary beverage daily as they had said in the questionnaires were linked with type 2 diabetes.  There was no notable association between men who took sugar-sweetened drinks and type 2 diabetes.

Women at higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes than men

It was estimated that 1% of type 2 diabetes in men and 5% type 2 diabetes in women could be because of the daily taking of sugary drinks. About 1500 cases of men and 2700 cases of women may have been prevented if sugary drinks were not consumed so frequently.

Researchers said that obesity was found to be among the causes of Type 2 Diabetes. At least, there was a 23% whole association between developing type 2 diabetes and consumption of sugary drinks.

It would also be noticed that the questionnaires did not specify if it was sugar-sweetened drinks or artificially sweetened beverages. There was inadequate food frequency information to estimate the contribution of sugary beverage to energy intake. Despite this, the study had reason to believe that consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks had a strong association with type 2 diabetes due to a high number of people who developed it after daily drinking of sugary drinks.

The results of this study suggest that consumption of sugary beverages id increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes in more in women than in men.

The researchers suggest that the consumption of sugary drinks be targeted in order to see to it that there is a lower risk of type 2 diabetes to reduce the rate at which people are developing type 2 diabetes, people should avoid taking the drinks so much. While people are getting, they should also make a point avoid taking no or less sugary drinks. It is better to prevent than to wait for a condition to happen to treat it.