Factors that derail your weight loss effortsPerhaps your biggest issue is portion size and moving is hard for you even though you know too well that you require some exercise. Perhaps you are stressed out completely and you need a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you are one of those nighttime snackers or perhaps it is a combination of all these. To know exactly what applies to you, it is essential that you are very honest with yourself and check the list of ingredient for everything you eat and maintain a weekly log. Can you confidently say that your diet contains no corn syrup or very little sugar? Even though you might not believe, breads, yoghurt, salad dressings, ice cream, sports drinks and sodas and some types of dark chocolate could be having such ingredients. While having a treat occasionally isn’t really a problem, you should know how to choose what you are taking and avoid eating ‘hidden sugar’.

Good solutions for dealing with hunger

Sugar can spike your level of insulin, packs on fat and increases your food craving. Food portions for most Americans are out of control and it is not just you. Being satisfied and eating well are synonymous but there are good solutions for dealing with hunger referred to as protein, fat and fiber. Beans, vegetables and fruits are filling and delicious. Fat is satisfying and flavorful and protein food will get you going. Engaging in exercises could be difficult but not impossible and you can do this by first eliminating the various obstacles in your life. Start by sleeping in your shorts and T shirts and have gym shoes close to you. Inside of driving to the gym, make a point of biking to the gym. Also, make arrangements to meet with a friend from time to time and for walk together.

Top ways to promote weight loss

It is always good that you reward yourself if necessary with gold stars and a chart and redeem them with anything you have dreamt about. Do everything it takes to keep you moving and always make it worth the time. If you have a problem with your knees, make a point of taking Tylenol well in advance. I tell my patients that I am ready to pay any price just to ensure that you are mobile. If you have some problem with sleeping, make a point of learning some ‘sleep hygiene’ and avoid things that are worsening the situation. Your weight loss efforts could be derailed by all these efforts. If you have been eating peanut butter sandwich, candy bar or cereals, you should acknowledge this as a problem. You need to start working on the issue by eating a bigger lunch and a breakfast. This will provide you with more calories much earlier in the day and you will be able to avoid big meals in the night.