Quit smoking through various methods

The pills meant to stop the urge of a person to smoke is not way better than nicotine patches and lozenges in terms of helping the people to stop smoking in a successful manner according to a study made in the US.  The researchers provided more than a thousand smokers with counseling to help them stop and then casually assigned them to get 90 days of treatment using lozenges along with patches or it may also be veranicline, which is a kind of pill sold in the US and in some countries like Europe & Canada.

After 1 year, 1 from 5 smokers victoriously stopped the habit of smoking. This is regardless of the kind of treatment they used, even if there were more adverse effects like nausea, constipation and insomnia using veranicline. The outcome suggests that the massively available, easy to use, nicotine patch can help in giving long term effect that are close to those that were provided by more massive treatments, this is according to a study made by Timothy Baker. He is a public health researcher at the University of Wisconsin.

At the onset of the research, the members were around 48 years of age and they have been smoking for more than 20 years. They have smoked more than seventeen sticks of cigarettes daily, which is quite less than a usual pack in America.  After more than 6 months, the researchers asked them if they had smoked at any case in the past 1 week and they conducted a laboratory test to check if the level of carbon monoxide in their breath was low to know if they had refrained from smoking.

The result of the study conducted

Amid the 241 people given to use nicotine patches, 55 of which are around 23% never tried to smoke within the 6 month period.  In the other group composed of 424 people provided with varenicline, 100 of which are around 24% weren’t able to contain in abstaining during the study. And so with the 113 people from the 421 who were given the combination of the lozenges & the patches or around 27% from the group.  The difference was too little to be of weight.  After a year, 21% of the people who were given patches had stopped smoking completely compared to the 19% who were given veranicline & 20% who were given the combination of the patches & lozenges. In this study, the differences were not truly important.

Some of the adverse effects were more typical with those who are taking varenicline by around 29% has reported cases of nausea, while 23% of them has reported instances of lucid dreams & 22% of the people has reported cases of insomnia. The ill label carries the warning about serious psychiatric adverse effects and some tendencies related to suicide. Those with a background of psychosis, depression and suicidal tendencies were not included in the study