Ex-smokers need 8 yrs to be limit risks of heart ailmentsOne of the habits that a lot of people are often advised to stop smoking. This is because it’s to some extent very irritating and can cause very adverse effects to your overall health. You don’t need to be book smart to note that filling your lungs with smoke is dangerous to your health. Seizing this habit is a very good idea but it should be noted that the damage done is often sever and will require some time to be fixed.

Previously, researchers stated an ex-smoker needed to stay at least 15 more years before they could be said to have a healthy heart. However, the American Heart Association have found out that people who smoked at least 32 packs a year could have the duration in which their heart restores itself reduced by half to about 8 years. there is of course the different types of smokers with heavy and chain smokers requiring a longer duration, that’s if they still have long to live.

Damaging your heart with smoke

The damage to your heart is said to start immediately you light up your first cigarette and take your first puff of smoke. This is because the substances found in the smoke immediately increase the rate at which your heart is beating. It will also increase you blood pressure when you inhale it meaning that your heart is also pumping at a pace that isn’t normal. This will eventually lead to diseases such as hypertension which are not good for the heart. Furthermore, a lot of smokers are often lazy and rarely workout. They become fat and this clearly isn’t at all good for anyone’s heart least a smokers.

The ability for one to be to breath and smell heightens after 48 hours whenever they decide to quit smoking. They are also able to have a better sense of taste which improves as over weeks and they seize the habit of smoking.

CPR and heart attacks associated with smoking

Sudden heart attacks brought about by smoking are very different from those caused by stress, old age or unhealthy eating habits. It often spells doom for the patient when they suffer from a cardiac arrest caused by smoking. This is because the damage during this time is not only severe but in some cases irreversible. Stress can be managed while unhealthy eating habits can be stopped by dieting or regular exercise and workouts. Smoked lungs provide a much complicated situation since removing the soot becomes a very daunting task.

CPR is known to give the victim a little more time to live but it doesn’t in anyway free them of their eventual fate. It’s therefore advisable to quit smoking while you still have the chance to breath regularly and you lungs and heart are in good if not perfect condition.