Sitting long may deadly

Those who sit down for a period of six hours daily do the risk of dying early jump 19% as compared to those individuals who sit down for a shorter time as three hours a day.

This suggestion has been made by an American Cancer Society Study. According to the study authors, there are 14 ways in which sitting may kill you. These ways include stroke; heart disease; diabetes; cancer; kidney disease; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); lung disease; suicide; Parkinson’s disease; liver disease; peptic ulcer and other diseases that can affect the digestion system; Alzheimer’s disease; musculoskeletal disorders; and nervous disorders.

Try standing more often

Alpa Patel, a lead researcher, and the strategic director of the cancer society’s prevention study said that the simple message which they are trying to convey is that they should move more.

The more standing you do daily, the better your life is. An individual cholesterol or blood sugar pressure can be improved by two minutes standing or light activity after sitting down for 2 hours.

The study was not able to prove the cause and effect, but from the results, it was very clear that more American spends time sitting down at the workplaces, or watching TV true and playing games on computers or their mobile phones. The research also noted that most aged people together with those who suffer from chronic diseases spend even more sedentary time.

People spend more time watching TV

According to an Australian study, about 90% by estimation of non-working time was sedentary, and that more than half of non-working time was spent watching television or sitting at computers when playing games or doing leisure jobs.

It is still not reviewed why sitting down for a long period of time is not healthy for human life. There is a great possibility that people who spend a lot of their sitting down on Their coaches or their seats at work also exhibit unhealthy behavior, such as consumption of excess snacks.

Secondly, this study also lame for a long sitting down with a high level of triglycerides, blood pressure and insulin, and blood sugar hitting us also been linked with the inflammation caused obesity.

There is always sitting mostly with death from heart, liver and kidney disease. Without excluding cancer, diabetes and COPD can only be explained by the consequences.

From the study,  Data were collected by Patel’s team from nearly 128,000  men and women who participated in American Cancer Society Prevention Study. All were of the major chronic diseases. At the beginning of the study. During 21  years of follow-up, almost 49,000 people died.

“For some time now, we are aware that sitting for extended periods daily is a barrier to human life”, said Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Centre in Derby, Conn.

Dr David also noted that this study tries to explain the relationship between sitting for a long period of time and dying at an early age from an array of courses -Which includes everything from heart diseases to suicide.