Is it Right to Screen Heart Disease before Join a GameWith the records showing sudden death of young individuals who joined a competition were disastrous and very horrible.  There is a journal wherein the experts have said that the athletes should be screened for heart disease to prevent tragic events from taking place. Unluckily, these are just rare, but on the other hand, they are very upsetting. The sudden death of the athletes may happen anytime without a warning, even after they have participated in different sports for several years already. Parents of those kids who have joined the sports events may be touched by these incidents.

Unanticipated Passing out

The USU basketball team went through a walk thru practice even before they depart to play at the Brigham Young University one night. During the walk thru practice meeting, Danny just passed out. Good thing their trainer is very much prepared for it and he had trained his staffs too for such type of instance. There was an automated external defibrillator or AED that was available there outside of the court. The staffs placed the patches of AED all over the athlete’s body and chest in just few minutes. The AED was delivered a shock and restored the heart rhythm of Danny to the normal one. He was able to recover right away and then soon after, he was able to play again for the USU.

When it’s time for screening?

The coach of the athletes is facing an important role, especially because they are there when something bad happens to the players. The tough question that they should answer is when they can say that a person should get screened for any heart related disease before participating in the team or any other athletic activities. It will be very good to really screen the kids in the US with the basic tests about cardiac activities of the heart like ECG. This is just right until such time that the need arise.

In the US these days, they have included screening for around 60M young individuals that include around 10M athletes competing for different sports activities. Unluckily, at present, there is no global screening campaign for this. They just depend in recognizing people who are at risk based on signs and family history that they’ve got. But what are really the signs? In this article, you will discover the newly released guidelines that suggest the need for added screening before an activity.

Signs that a cardiac screening is a must

If there is a chest pain or pressure, if there is an unexplained passing out, shortness of breath or palpitations during the activity and if there is an incident of seizure, then the player should go through a screening. If you happen to hear your heart murmuring, if the blood pressure is high, if you were restricted before to go through a sports activity or you have had previous heart tests, then you are a candidate for a cardiac screening.

AED on campuses can save lives

Cases of Cardiac arrest may go up of around 10% every minute, if it has the capacity to take 3-4 minutes get an AED and then another minute to connect it to the person, a lot of lives might be lost right away. Before you let your kids engage in certain activities like sports, you need to make sure that the school has an AED and the staffs were trained to use it.