For once, early is not better. The flu season is with us again, and I hear that it is early, as if anyone was looking forward to it. However, this time around there is something to worry about folks. It has been reported that this is the earliest that the flu season has hit the US in the last ten years. While the Center for disease control and prevention are not 100 percent sure about the seriousness of flu, they agree that indeed, the flu will come early this season. Flu is much more than a common cold and people who have heard it before the fret at the thought of a serious case of flu. However, since it must come, it must be handled just right.

When last was flu experienced this early?

Well, this is not the first time that flu will hit winter season, but it is a very common phenomenon. For example, in 2003 and 2004, there was one. Note that in every flu season about 25, 000 American each year. No one can explain why flu has decided to come this early, and no one has any idea how long it would last. However, one good thing is that this time around, the government is making sure that no one will die from flu. It is very important that everyone handle this by playing their role well to make sure that there are no fatalities. One thing that you need to do is to find out whether you have been immunized and if not, then you should make a point of getting yours as fast possible.

Flu is very serious because it kills. Therefore, there is every reason why you will want to drop everything and go get immunized. More than five southern states have reported mild cases, nothing very serious but still, CDCP still recommends that everyone go out there and get their vaccination jab. The government has really done a very good job of ensuring that you will get a vaccination in preparation for the day.

How to spot the symptoms of flu

It is always better to prevent flu before it can occur, and that is why the doctors are advising people to go for their vaccination. Even though 24,000 Americans die every year of flu, you do not have to let this happen. Therefore, you need to master a few basics about this disease so that you deal with it as soon as you spot any of the symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of flu include fever, headaches, running nose, discomfiture, burning sensations in the air tracts and so forth. Since it is easy to mistake most of these common symptoms with other ailments, it is paramount that you know when to go for help. Again, please note that some people may show different symptoms. For example, some will get diarrhea and vomiting. Some of the symptoms are easy to mistake for other conditions. The good news is that after reading this, you now know what to do if you spot any of the symptoms. Flu is dangerous. It kills and there are so many strains of the same such that it is hard to tell what you have or do not have.