How the doctors fight for their patients

There was a pediatric doctor in Alabama who had to scramble to look for an inexpensive source of lifesaving pills for the treatment of babies who suffer from parasitic infection. There was a hospital in Utah that was forced to alter the way it stores the medicine meant for the treatment of heart patients after the cost went up from $440 – $2,700 per vial. These are 2 of the stories the senate in the U.S. dealt with in a hearing last Wednesday. They are exploring on facts about why some type of off patent prescription drugs is on sale in the market by manufacturing firms such as Valeant Pharma and Turing Pharma went up after they have taken the rights to the medicines.  The committee also cited that the dramatic price hikes by the Rodelis Therapeutics and Rterophine Inc. is now becoming an issue.

The Special committee of the senate about aging has been announced last month and it was the launching of the new drug on the study and the primary role of the mergers along with the achievements that might be playing so the price is going up. The committee is now checking the price increases for 2 Valeant heart pills namely Isuprel and Nitropress along with the price hike made by Turing when they increase the price of Daraprim, that is actually used for the treatment of taxomplasmosis, which is an ailment that badly affects the patients suffering from AIDS and those who are pregnant and their unborn child.

The stand of the senators about the rising cost of the medicines in U.S

The Senator Claire McCaskill, of Mo happens to be a democrat and she once said that there is a big difference the rewarding technology along with the price extracting, noting that the previous drugs in question weren’t developed by the companies who actually sells them.  If this is just about greed, there is a duty to figure out how to secure the patients who are in need of the said medicines, she added. The drug prices have come under the big investigation made in the past few months, not just by the lawmakers in America, but also by the prosecutors and some of the presidential candidates from the Democratic Party.

There is this dissimilar congress committee that made the investigation about the rising cost of the band new medicines in America. Valeant is now facing different problems from the prosecutors with the over pricing, medicine distribution and prescription assistance programs, as Turing is under the investigation, assistance and other programs, while Turing is still under investigation by the NYC state lawyer for the antitrust issues. The elevated high cost of the medicine prices has also taken a toll over the stocks in the business and it is now amidst an investigation. Let the world go out and do their investigation, we are actually keeping an eye on this practice, McCaskill added.  Wednesday is just the very first of what was expected to be a series of hearings about the sudden rise of the cost of the drugs and that will be picked up in 2016 once again.