Teenagers have a tendency of eating anything sweet and yummy they can get their hands on, which in return could play a part in excess weight. This is only part of the story, according to a recent study, childhood obesity is considered a pandemic that should be dealt with under any circumstances before it’s too late. Obviously, when these children start attaining certain ages and hence crossing into adulthood, they start to realize that they need to cut the excess weight as a way of restoring their beauty and natural figures.

However, we should take serious measures and not under any circumstances underestimate the potential harm associated with childhood obesity. According to Halima Janjua, who is the MD of the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, in the State of Ohio, though she was not involved in the research, the findings of the research team pointed out that the results could be catastrophic.

What the study involved

The results of the study can be traced back to the archives of internal medicine. Up to 1.2 million of Israeli teens aged the ages of 17 were given thorough medical exams before engaging into mandatory events in the military service. The problem is that the recording, which accounted that after a period of about 25 years, those previously overweight had either checked into a dialysis program or most likely to enroll.

In accordance to the published results, it was reported that up to 100,000 people who followed for a year had a prevalence possibility of up to 2.32 cases that would be categorized as an end stage kidney disease suffers in relation to the diagnosis results. Generally, those who had joined the military with normal weight remained healthy when compared to the over weights who had to lose the excess fat through intense training.

Obesity verses kidney disease

Obesity is a condition that can affect almost anyone and has always been categorized as a risk factor and a major cause of end stage kidney disease. When the two incidents are combined, the results are costly. Doctors have further come to understand that obese people are also at a risk of diabetes and high blood pressure which are also some of the leading conditions known to cause kidney damage.

Although there can be more explanation of high blood pressure and its association with kidney disease, when the facts are narrowed down, it can be recorded that obesity was the causal problem to the advance of the condition. According to Johansen, she attests that parents are supposed to take keen measures on overweight. They should work hard to make sure that their children don’t end up adding too much weight in their teenage stages. This is because obesity, which is a case of excess weight, actually causes kidney disease.