Eating fried foods puts you at a much higher risk of suffering from heart failure according to the findings of a new study. What the study suggests is that it is a very good idea to reduce the quantity and frequency in which you consume fried foods in a week in order to avoid various chronic conditions and heart failure.

Increased risk of heart failure

When one is diagnosed with a heart failure, the heart becomes unable to pump the blood all over the body as it is supposed to. Various symptoms of this condition basically include breath shortness and fatigue. The American Heart Association notes that heart failure is one of main reasons as to why those aged 65 years and above get admitted to hospitals. In the study, those men who took fried foods between one and three times in a week experienced an increased risk by 18 percent of getting heart failure. Eating fried foods between four and six times increased the risk by 25% and more than seven times at 68 percent.

What this means is that it is a good idea that you ditch those doughnuts, French fries, chicken and crispy fried fish as well as other fat cooked foods if you want your heart to be in good health. Eating a healthy diet is very important and this is one that is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans and is low in red meat, saturated fat, fried foods and salt. Even though the study showed a clear association between the risk of heart failure and consumption of fried food, cause and effect relationship wasn’t proved.

Take healthy diets

It was noted that taking foods that are greasier increases your consumption of calories and in the end; this is associated with high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol. Besides this, people who tend to eat fried foods tend to also consume a diet that is less healthy and this mainly consists of processed and red meats and few fruits, beans and vegetables. What the researchers concluded is that it is fine to eat fried stuff once in a while but it is very risky when taken on a daily or weekly basis.

When undertaking this study, data was collected from over 15300 male doctors that participated. The report also noted that people’s lifestyle choices also has a great influence on the risk of getting heart failure and that heart failure is very common, deadly and costly. To be on the safe, you must do anything that improves your vulnerability to suffering from a heart failure and ensure that your heart health is at its best state at all times. Eating healthy and regular exercises are highly recommended ways of preventing heart failure in the first place.