How having a healthy body weight can prevent endometrial cancerEven though it is not possible to prevent or control some cancer risk factors, certain cancers with endometrial cancer included are usually associated to some risk factors that can be controlled. A common risk factor for numerous types of cancers is obesity and this usually accounts for over 3% of all cases of cancer in US. The statistics for endometrial cancer which is linked to uterine cancer are very staggering. The reasons why endometrial cancer usually occurs are essentially not known. However, research has shown that estrogen hormone is linked to endometrial cancer in some way.

Obese women are between two and four times highly likely to suffer from endometrial cancer compared to women whose body weight is health. Even women who are relatively overweight are also at a high risk as well. In cultures where there are fewer cases of malnourishment and hunger like in the US, obesity is blamed for over 40% of endometrial cancer cases diagnosed. BMI or Body mass index could predict the risk for endometrial cancer as far as the findings of a recent study are concerned. Woman having a BMI greater than 35 have a much higher risk of getting endometrial cancer compared to women having a healthy BMI.

What the numbers reveal

According to a recent study which involved people from 30 countries in Europe, it was estimated by the researchers that over 124000 cases of cancer could be associated to obesity an increase from 70000 cases recorded in 2002. The link was even stronger in women than in men as it stood at 8.6% vs. 3.2% of the cancers which were possibly considered to be associated to obesity. There were three kinds of cancer that accounted for 65% of the increased cancer cases which were colon cancer, endometrial cancer and post- menopausal breast cancer.

Obesity and how it increases cancer risk

The reason why obesity usually heightens the risk for endometrial cancer isn’t well know. However, conducted research has led to some theories being brought forward about the issue. Estrogen is created and released in the ovaries. However, the fat tissues also do have the power of converting certain hormones to estrogen. If you have more fat tissues, more hormones will be converted to estrogen. The risk factors for endometrial cancer which leads to an increase in estrogen include:

  • Not having had a kid
  • Use of drug tamoxifen for breast cancer- Nolvadex, Tamofen, Tamosin and Tamoxen
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Starting menstruation at age 12
  • Taking therapy for estrogen replacement with progesterone
  • Stopping menstruation after age 50/ undergoing menopause

Obesity not only increases the chances of one having endometrial cancer but also reduces the chances of one surviving the disease. Morbidly obese women usually have a high likelihood of succumbing to endometrial cancer compared to women with healthy body weights and have endometrial cancer.