The past decade has witnessed a considerably sharp increase in the number of middle aged Americans taking away their lives due to various reasons.

Factors making middle aged Americans become suicidal

Reports from the federal health officials show that there has been a huge increase in the rate at which Americans currently in their middle ages commit suicide.

The main reason as to why there has been such an enormous figure is yet to be known. Financial problems amongst people in this age bracket were the only explanation that could be given at the moment.

Records from U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention clearly indicated that there was a 28% rise in the number of middle-aged Americans willingly taking away their lives. The figures created reason for concern considering the fact that suicides were at only 13.7% per every 100, 000 middle aged American in the year 1999.

Statistics also revealed that the number of Americans who die when vehicles collide is less than that of middle aged Americans who commit suicide.

Mr. Lanny Berman said that they had been aware of the sharp increase of suicides amongst Americans aged 35 – 64 for a while. Mr. Berman was able to come up with this statement despite not being part of the team involved in the report.

Mr. Berman was equally astonished like all the other researchers at CDC as to why the number was shooting up at a very high speed.

Pinning the blame on the Great Recession is the only explanation that a lot of the researchers and experts could use without looking like they were out of ideas and problem solving skills.

Reasons behind the increase in suicides

Mr. Lanny Berman agreed that this was the best explanation that they could make up. He made his thoughts clear by also saying that maybe this bunch was more pressurized by the effects of the Great Recession. Experiences such as foreclosure and unemployment might have overwhelmed them to a point of making them take away their lives. He added that people couldn’t fail to notice that such conditions and circumstances can take their toll on the human brain. This can lead them to irrational decisions such suicides.

The fact that no one knows the number of people who committed suicide as a result of financial crisis should be highlighted. This is because it kind of makes their explanation of the Great Recession as the reason behind the increase very baseless.

Mr. Thomas Simon, a deputy associate director for science at CDC, was keen to mention that suicide is a very serious public health issue. He added that suicide amongst Americans in the middle age was rising to an extent that it was now the 4th leading reason for deaths amongst them.

Extensive scrutiny into the statistics of middle aged Americans who take away their lives revealed that a majority of people who partook in this act were aged between 50 and 54. The percentage remained steady for people between the age of 55 and 59.

Dr. Alan Manevitz, a psychiatrist, contributed his thoughts by stating that anyone who shows suicidal symptoms should be quickly treated. He added that nothing should be taken to chance since a huge majority of people who threaten to be suicidal actually carry out these threats in end.