Most people are on edge when they are hungry. We are quicker to snap at others, to lose our tempers, and to become angered. Researchers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute have completed a study that may shed some light on why hunger makes us angry, and why some people seem to get more hostile than other people.

AGRP Neurons

When scientist stimulated the hunger sensitive cells called AGRP neurons in study mice the mice began to behave like they were experiencing negative mood swings.

When the mice displayed the negative responses, they actively began to seek out food more aggressively. The researchers deducted that when the mice felt hunger, their moods turned more hostile and the hostile feelings triggered a response that made them frantically seek food to stop the feelings.

Why does an angry response occur with hunger?

It is believed that when we become hungry, our natural instincts cause us to become agitated. At one time during human evolution hunger was paramount to death because the search for food was a daily struggle. Today when we do without food this natural instinct comes to the surface making us search for food more aggressively. We no longer need the aggression to get the food that we need, but instincts do not know that.

What to learn from this information

The best thing that you can learn from this information is that you can control your emotional responses to hunger by not allowing yourself to become hungry. Each of us should strive to eat a healthy diet that keeps us full and our body fueled.

What doctors can do to help their patients who have hunger/anger issues

Medical professionals can start to educate their patients on the six meal a day diet plan. Under this plan, a person eats six small meals each day. The meals are spread out in equal intervals so that the blood sugar levels of the person stay at one level, and the person does not feel as much anger or fatigue.

The six meal a day does not recommend six hamburgers, or six big meals. It recommends six small meals like snacks. These meals should be enough to fill your stomach and to fuel your body.

Balance Nutrition

All people should increase their fiber intake if they are having a lot of hunger issues during the day. Fiber in your food helps to fill you up so you do not feel hungry. If you have hunger and anger issues, then change the foods you are eating to ones with higher amounts of fiber.

Watch your Weight

If you are watching your caloric intake, then skipping a meal is the worst thing you can do. When you skip a meal, you become hungry and irritable. You should choose foods that are lower in fat and carbohydrates, but continue to eat six small meals every day.

You will find that increasing the fiber count in your foods and the amount of water you drink each day will help you decrease your waist and decrease your angry responses.