It is a fact that modifying your diet and counting your calorie consumption is just adequate to for a healthier mind & body as well. There is this new research that advises the people to lessen their calorie consumption not just to live longer, but to also control the effects of breast cancer in women. There are experiments held on mice with triple negative breast cancer or TNBC that have shown that controlling the quantity and the kinds of given has helped in lessening the spreading of cancer cells. The study was made by Thomas Jefferson University and it was published in the Breast Cancer Research Treatment or TNBC.

TNBC is an aggressive and hard to treat one, since the tumors don’t express the genes that are accountable for creating the receptors that will be embattled by chemotherapy. There is also a report that says that microRNAs 17 & 20 that were found to play an important part in the metastasis of TNBC. Once the mice were controlled of their body by around 30%, the cancer cells made few miR 17/20. According to Dr. Nicole Simone in a PR, the diet will become an epigenetic program that will protect the mice from metastatic disease like cancer.

Women’s health and how to modify their diet

Women usually gain weight after going through steroids and chemotherapy treatments. Their weight may increase even more because of the hormone therapy. The hormonal shift is because of the treatment that changes the metabolism of the body thus making the patient gain around ten pounds or even more in the first few months of the treatment. There is a current research conducted that was recommended that cancer treatments may not have a necessary result on those with extra weight and weight gain while the treatment is ongoing has been known to worsen the spreading of cancer.

This is why it is so essential to look at the metabolism when a woman is going through the cancer treatment according to Simone during the release. Some of Simone’s previous work attested the affectivity of radiation therapy in preventing cancer cells when united with less calorie intake. In this type of study she tried to comprehend the molecular pathways involved in the effect seen.

Lesser calorie intake combined with Radiation

Lessening the calorie consumption of those going through radiation therapy on mice had side effects on the creation of microRNAs, which is the result in lessened miR 17 & 20. The lessened resulted in rises in the production of proteins that are important for keeping the extracellular matrix. The calorie constraining can help in promoting epigenetic changes in the breast tissue that may keep the extracellular matrix very sturdy. Simone added that having a strong matrix can make a cage around the tumor, thus making it hard for cancer cells to escape and spread to other parts of the body.

Apart from monitoring what they eat, women should also know more health tips. For example, if possible, they should also go for online BLS certification, so that they can take care of their babies if the need arises.