Besides these, there are also other genes that alter unexpectedly causing diabetes. These conditions are usually passed on from one family member to the next. Many of the causes of obesity and diabetes have been found out by medics and ways to control them discovered. However, there still are many others that are yet to be discovered and it is still uncertain how many people suffer from these undiscovered mutated genes.

Other genetic disorders

Some people suffer from disorders that make it difficult to take care of hunger or fullness as it is supposed to. These could be passed on from parents to their children just like any other genetic disorder, but this is no cause for alarm as the conditions can be taken care of. Such patients should go through counseling so that they will be able to deal with the stigma that comes with it and live healthily.

Production of carboxypeptidase-E

There have been studies of people who suffer from extreme obesity in their family line. Such individuals suffer from the condition since they are young to when they are adults. They often suffer from eating disorders. They were also found to have reproductive complications as well as being slow in class. One such a patient was found to have inherited two types of genetic mutation, which hindered the production of carboxypeptidase-E. There were also transmitters and hormones that affected the reproductive system and the brain.

There were tests done on the same with mice, and the results are similar to what is found in humans. It is important to note that the condition will only affect someone whose both parents suffer from the condition too. In such a case, all children of such parents will have the condition too. It is important that people take frequent tests just to make sure that they do not have the condition. The moment the results are found to be positive then they can commence treatment and therapy.