Patients who get affected by weather changes have potential chances to contain the flu virus by simply using web service to achieve positive results. Teladoc is internet and telephone-based service in Israel whose objective is to link people to primary care doctors. The method does not differ very much with the traditional house calls where the doctor would schedule a visit to the patient once informed of the problems that may have succumbed. According to Dr. Elizabeth Enschede, who is with the Beth Israel Medical Group, the teleconferencing of the flu should be considered as the next big thing on the doctor to house calls.

Dr. Elizabeth added that ill-fated patients are reluctant to leave their beds due to deteriorated health and the terrible feeling of weakness. Due to this reason, Teladoc helps contain the virus by having the victims remain indoors while they schedule teleconferencing to help alleviate the problem. For this reason, the outbreak would have been contained and the affected victims would still have access to medical care.

About Teladoc and its role in outbreak regulation

When asked about Teladoc, Dr. Elizabeth was not reluctant at all to point out that the online-based service has impacted the Israeli society positively by helping provide medical care to people at very little efforts. The only problem is that you must be a registered house call patient so that you can be allowed to get access to a primary care doctor where you would be able to explain your condition. This is an alternative to those people who find it hard to visit emergency care rooms over and over again.

While in the hospital you would require insurance or presumable amount of cash, where you would have to follow a certain protocol before you see the doctor, Teladoc only carries a service fee of $38. It can be said to be the consultation fee. The benefits of this service are that people who would rather go to the ER for checkups have the ability to save time and money while accessing the same from within the comfort of their homes. Generally, even those patients unable to reach their primary care physicians are also in the position to access medical help with less trouble.

Why Teladoc will continue to prevail

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a primary care net or not because according to Enschede, she confirmed to Marla Diamond, who is the WCBS 880’s that none of that matters as she was able to attend to patients through a phone call or chat over the internet and as she made a joke out of it, confirming the authenticity of the procedure, the only challenge was inability to provide flu shots online.